An innovative new Community Alcohol Partnership, highlighting the risks of underage drinking to children and young people, has launched in the Springbank and Beverley Road area of Hull today, Monday 27 November.

The new partnership sees colleagues from Humberside Police, Humberside Fire and Rescue, the local authority, local schools, retailers, neighbourhood groups and health providers coming together to keep children in our area safe. Working together in this way helps to ensure a joint up approach to highlighting the dangers of underage drinking, whilst also looking after the health and welfare of children and young people in the community.

The partnership is providing alcohol-free activities as well as working with local schools to educate young people, equipping them with the knowledge they need to keep themselves safe. In addition, CAPs work with local retailers to prevent them from selling alcohol to under 18s or adults buying alcohol to give to anyone underage.

Kate Winstanley, Director of CAP said:

“We know from extensive research that underage drinking can lead to school and educational problems, as well as unsafe sex, drug-taking, violence and drinking problems in later life” “We also know that the work CAPs do in local communities can lead to significant reductions in alcohol supply to children, alcohol-related anti-social behaviour and underage street drinking in local communities. It’s great to see local partners coming together in this new CAP to highlight the risks of underage drinking and reduce alcohol harm among our young people.”

PCSO Lindsay Hall-Miell from Humberside Police said:

“Keeping the children and young people in our area safe is a priority for us which is why we are pleased to be part of this new initiative. “I am confident that this work will have a really positive impact on the area, helping us to engage with the younger generations and giving them the confidence and knowledge to protect themselves as they move through adolescence and into their adult lives. “I am really excited about meeting the young people and working closely with partners to form really positive and long lasting relationships within the community, which will undoubtedly help to benefit the area as a whole.”