Welcome to Community Alcohol Partnerships

Education is key to raising awareness about the law relating to young people and alcohol, and the impact of underage alcohol consumption on health and society.

 CAP aims to educate and inform three target groups: retailers/licensees, young people and adults.


CAP-U25-Poster-2-Rotherham-Pf1Retailers and licensees are generally aware that is against the law to sell alcohol to someone who is under 18 but it is sometimes difficult for them to know when someone is under 18. Information and education are provided to off- and on-licensed premises in the CAP area to help avoid incidents of underage sales. Additionally training materials are provided to premises for training new staff and "point of sale" materials are provided to educate the public. Premises are encouraged to use the Challenge 25 scheme so that anyone over 18 but looking under 25 is encouraged to carry acceptable ID such as PASS cards. Mentoring by larger RASG supermarket retailers in the area enables smaller independent retailers and licensees to benefit from their established in-house training regimes.

Young People

Hayling-Beer-GogglesAll young people should receive education about alcohol in school via the PSHE curriculum. However the evidence is that this is often a neglected and/or poorly taught subject. Some youngsters, especially those who are excluded from school, miss out on alcohol education. CAP encourages greater emphasis on alcohol education both in school and in other settings e.g. youth clubs.

We encourage schools in CAP areas to follow an age-appropriate alcohol education programme of their choice, preferably one that has been evaluated with proven results such as the Alcohol Education Trust's "Talk about Alcohol" programme in secondary schools.

We positively encourage interactive methods of teaching including peer mentoring, theatre in education, Dragon's Den-type competitions to encourage pupils to present team-based creative solutions and school action days involving a range of agencies and visiting speakers with special expertise or knowledge

Many of our CAPs are taking part in the Royal Society of Public Health (RSPH) Young Health Champions initiative, a Level 2 qualification which aims to give youngsters the skills, knowledge and confidence to become peer mentors.


parents giving kids alcoholNational studies have shown consistently that only a small proportion of under 18s buy alcohol themselves and that it is mainly adults – usually parents, but also older friends or strangers – who purchase alcohol on behalf of young people. CAP encourages communications targeted at parents and other adults about the importance of not giving children and younger teenagers alcohol and highlighting the offence of proxy purchase (buying alcohol for or on behalf of an under 18).

This innovative partnership is an excellent example of how public bodies, charities and private companies can work together to resolve a community problem. Not only have the partners contributed to the success of the project but also the youngsters of Brecon, whose involvement and commitment have also contributed to this success.

Councillor John Powell
Cabinet Member for Trading Standards
Powys County Council