Welcome to Community Alcohol Partnerships

Provision of a range of activities for young people is positively encouraged to ensure that young people have fun, healthy things to do that do not involve alcohol.

Climbing-wallCAP encourages scheme partners to conduct an early assessment of the provision of leisure and diversionary activities for young people in the locality. Scheme partners are urged to consult young people about their views on the appropriateness of the activities on offer and to look at ways to enhance choice and increase accessibility to existing provision (by signposting on social or other media and also by offering discounted or free sessions).

As well as enhancing young people's confidence, mental and physical health and well being, diversionary activity is also an excellent opportunity to deliver alcohol education in an informal setting.

The process of consulting with young people gives them a sense of ownership and sends an important message that their voice matters.

Most CAPs have included provision of sports using existing leisure and sports facilities, using youth clubs or “youth buses” and local cafes to provide opportunities for young people to drop in and meet in a supervised, safe environment. At the request of local youngsters CAP has helped to facilitate baking and cookery sessions, music events, gardening projects, mindfulness based meditation, martial arts and Manga drawing classes.


As Chief Executive of the Chartered Trading Standards Institute it is great to see the growth of Community Alcohol Partnerships. They are an amazing way to bring businesses, regulators and communities together to deliver lasting solutions to the issues that underage drinking has on communities and young people. One of my proudest achievements in trading standards was the establishment of the first ever Community Alcohol Partnership and I know colleagues up and down the country are equally proud of the benefits that their local schemes are bringing.

Leon Livermore
Chief Executive
Chartered Institute of Trading Standards (2015)