Welcome to Community Alcohol Partnerships

CAP activity will always be locally determined but will generally encourage and include a focus on education, enforcement, public perception, communication, diversionary activity and evaluation



Education is key to raising awareness about the law relating to young people and alcohol and the impact of underage alcohol consumption on individuals and society. CAP encourages education of young people, adults and retailers.


An essential part of CAP involves enforcement of the laws relating to young people and alcohol including purchase of alcohol by under 18s, sale to under 18s, drinking by under 18s in public places and proxy or agent purchase. Compliance testing is an integral part of any CAP and usually takes place several times in the life of a CAP to provide benchmarking activity and monitor the success, or otherwise, of retailer training.

Public perception

It is important that where schemes are successful in reducing crime and anti-social behaviour in a designated area, local people feel safer as a result. Surveys of local people carried out prior to and after the pilot phase are a good way to gauge any changes in public opinion.


CAP has developed a range of materials which can be adapted as required to suit the needs of local schemes. Schemes are encouraged to make use of these communication tools and to make use also of local radio, local press, social networking media, residents’ meetings etc - to try and ensure that the community understands CAP and is fully engaged and involved.  

Diversionary Activity

Provision of a range of activities for young people is positively encouraged to ensure that young people have fun, healthy things to do that do not involve alcohol. Diversionary activities have included provision of sports using existing leisure and sports facilities, using youth clubs or “Youth buses” and local cafes to provide opportunities for young people to drop in and meet in a supervised, safe environment.


Evaluation is a mandatory part of each CAP scheme. CAP encourages use of the evaluation "toolkit" developed by London Met University which is available in a restricted area of the website (Login area) for registered CAP schemes and encourages collection of data on key indicators.  Examples of evaluated data includes local crime and anti-social behaviour statistics, levels of alcohol-related litter, hotspot drinking areas, complaints and incidents reported to partner agencies, ambulance pick-ups for underage alcohol related incidents, hospital admission for under 18s and public perception surveys.The measurement of progress throughout the pilot allows the management team to monitor effectiveness of the action plan activities, and provides firm data for final evaluation.

Being part of the CAP has brought recognition from the community that we are trying to stop underage drinking. We have also seen a significant decline in attempted under age- purchases and litter has significantly dropped around our premises. I believe that the Midsomer Norton CAP is led with a passion that I have not seen before in a local venture.

Paul Broad
Store Manager Sainsbury's Supermarkets Ltd