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Young people (over and under 18) were drinking alcohol in public places and becoming involved in anti-social behaviour, causing vandalism and leaving drink-related litter. Whilst underage sales from licensed premises were not seen to be a major factor, proxy purchase and home supply/consumption had been highlighted as potentially significant local issues. This was the reason for the strong educational/parental engagement element of this CAP’s agreed action plan with the local middle/high school being a key partner.

Location: Hayling Island, Hampshire

Date launched: March 2012

Key partners: 

Local secondary school, Hampshire Police, Hampshire County Council (HCC), Accredited Community Safety Officers (HCC), Children Services (HCC),  Schools (HCC), Licensing- Havant Borough Council (HBC), Media teams (Hampshire Police, HCC & HBC), Primary Care Trust, Trading Standards (HCC),  Motiv8 Youth Service, Pubwatch, RASG members with lead retailer being Southern Co-op

Actions taken: 

• Alcohol education included
– AET “Talk about Alcohol” programme taught in local secondary school
– Visiting speakers from “Prison, Me No Way” – a charity run by prison guards – to talk to pupils
about alcohol, anti-social behaviour and knife crime
– School “drop down days” included attendance by a range of local agencies to enable
participative inter-active learning
– Police and CAP partners attended School Open Evenings to emphasise importance of
engaging with parents to reduce underage consumption
– Mailing to all parents/guardians informing them of the school’s inclusion and support for the
CAP. It explained the importance of including alcohol education in the syllabus and encouraged parents to continue the conversation at home

• Alcohol workshops run for under 18s found in possession of alcohol in a public place. These
courses were run by Motiv8 – a local youth service. Parents of all children attending the alcohol workshops attended a separate workshop. The parents found that this was of excellent value and also enjoyed networking with their child’s friends’ parents so they can be sure of where their child is when they say, “I am at my friend’s”

• Police Officers visited local Youth Clubs – they asked what they would do about underage drinking if they were in control. This was also a good chance for young people to ask direct questions of enforcement officers on what would happen if they were stopped with alcohol

• Challenge 25 training and signage offered to all licensed premises including members of Pubwatch

Impact of CAP

• 15% reduction in total anti-social behaviour (ASB) reports on Hayling Island (2011/12 – 2012/13)
(Hampshire-wide average reduction in ASB of 7.9% during same period)
• 41% reduction in anti-social behaviour reports on Hayling Island (Summer 2011 compared with
Summer 2012)
• In addition there were no reports of on-street drinking during the summer weeks and also no
reported incidents of any type of ASB or crime relating to alcohol by an under 18
• 100% Trading Standards test purchase pass rate in 2012
Collaborative working between a wide range of local stakeholders with a clear focus on shared aims and objectives is at the heart of the success of CAP.

Derek Lewis
Chairman of CAP