Welcome to Community Alcohol Partnerships

The Edinburgh East Neighbourhood Area identified “hotspot” areas where underage drinking was a problem. The CAP initially focused on the Portobello and Piershill areas, which were chosen based on the results of analytical work and anecdotal considerations. Once the current evaluation is complete, a decision will be make in respect of identifying further areas in Edinburgh for CAP development.

Location: Portobello/ Piershill, Scotland  

Date Established: July 2013 
Key partners: 
 Police Scotland, City of Edinburgh Council, Health Opportunities Team, Queen Margaret University, Piershill Project, Mentor Scotland, RASG members with lead retailers being Sainsbury’s and Scotmid
Actions taken:

• The Edinburgh Health Opportunities Team (HOT) has worked with local schools to provide learning and development opportunities on alcohol. In 2014 a total of 214 confidential one-to-one counselling sessions were delivered to young people aged 11-21; 13 SE+ (Social Education Plus) Therapeutic Group work sessions delivered; 32 Feel Good Group sessions delivered; 127 Drop-Ins delivered with 108 young people aged 13-22

• The AlcoLOLs are a group of 150 pupils from Portobello High School, Edinburgh, who have been working with academics from Queen Margaret University’s Centre for Dialogue to develop a new approach to learning and communicating about alcohol. With support from CAP, around 2,000 pupils have been involved in different types of ‘no adults allowed’ conversations across six schools in the North East of Edinburgh

• Regular joint patrols by Police Scotland and CAP stakeholders to local off-sales premises to ensure alcohol is being sold responsibly and legally, including advice on Challenge 25, and reducing proxy or “agent” purchase. Joint patrols also visit known anti-social behaviour “hotspots” to seize any alcohol being consumed by young people under 18 years old

• Young people are being signposted to exciting activities on offer at local leisure centres, youth cafés, youth clubs, drop-in centres and the ‘Buz Bus’ (North Edinburgh Mobile Youth Project) – this is being done via Twitter and
Facebook and local advertising at events such as the Portobello Summer Festival

 Impact of CAP:

• 17.7 % reduction in alcohol related crime in CAP area

• Reduced number of calls to police from the public regarding alcohol related anti-social
behaviour by young people: 13 calls in past 6 months – 6 from within CAP area and appears
to be reducing

• Estimated 12.5%-25% reduction in alcohol seizures from young people

Collaborative working between a wide range of local stakeholders with a clear focus on shared aims and objectives is at the heart of the success of CAP.

Derek Lewis
Chairman of CAP