Welcome to Community Alcohol Partnerships

There had been significant efforts amongst the various partner agencies and the local authority to adopt a more holistic approach to planning strategy and tackling alcohol problems in Powys. This was summarised by the Powys One Plan (2011) which had ten key outcomes covering a wide range of issues and topics, with the overall aim of improving outcomes for the people of Powys. The focus for actions in the One Plan is on prevention and early intervention, both key elements of the CAP approach.

Date Established: April 2012 

Key partners

Dyfed-Powys Police and Police Licensing, Powys County Council (including Trading Standards, Community Safety, Licensing, Youth Service), Powys Public Health, CAIS Young Persons’ Service, Brecon High School, Christ College, Brecon Town Council, Morrison's and the Co-operative

Actions Taken 

• Universal training across licensed premises and introduction of Challenge 25 to provide a consistent approach to tackling availability of age restricted products, particularly alcohol

• Design and provision of bar runners with "Can you prove your age" used across licensed premises in Brecon

• Attendance at various shows and events to promote the Brecon CAP, raise awareness of sensible drinking and provide information about risks associated with drinking too much alcohol

• Revision of the Underage Drinking protocol and letter to include health advice and guidance for parents/carers about speaking to young people about the risks of drinking too much alcohol

• Regular patrols by Police/PCSOs designed to gather intelligence on where young people were congregating to drink alcohol

• Young people informed and involved via Brecon CAP website and facebook page – offers include half price activities at the Leisure Centre

Friday Night Fever

• The Friday Night youth cafe was one of the most innovative aspects of the Brecon CAP involving, as it did, the young people themselves in its planning and operation. Branded "Friday Night Fever" the concept was based on the need for diversionary activity for young people in Brecon on a Friday night. Planning started with a questionnaire survey, which established the basic parameters for the youth cafe concept; this was then followed up with a youth forum which discussed the details in more depth

• Apart from the obvious diversionary activity of the youth club being open on Friday nights, special workshops were run on issues surrounding alcohol. Art projects also promoted healthy lifestyles, including cooking lessons and reduced entry to the leisure centre. An evaluation of Friday Night Fever was conducted amongst the young people who attended and the results were very positive. There is a real sense that the Youth Cafe project has diverted young people in Brecon away from hanging around on a Friday night and drinking alcohol

Impact of CAP 

• Reduction in alcohol-related youth anti-social behaviour of 39.5%

• Retailers relationship with enforcement agencies rated as “definitely better"

• Key stakeholders’ views on partnership working rated as “definitely improved”

• Residents’ perceptions of alcohol-related youth anti-social behaviour – reduced



Being part of the CAP has brought recognition from the community that we are trying to stop underage drinking. We have also seen a significant decline in attempted under age- purchases and litter has significantly dropped around our premises. I believe that the Midsomer Norton CAP is led with a passion that I have not seen before in a local venture.

Paul Broad
Store Manager Sainsbury's Supermarkets Ltd