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8 July 2011

A major expansion of Community Alcohol Partnerships (CAP) aimed at tackling underage drinking is to be led by the Government’s communities’ advisor Baroness Newlove with the backing of drinks retailers and producers.

Community Alcohol Partnerships are endorsed by the Home Office and Department of Health and bring together local retailers, trading standards and police to tackle the problem of underage drinking and associated anti-social behaviour. The partners share information and training to encourage risk-based enforcement and resolve local problems swiftly and effectively.

Baroness Newlove has agreed to chair an Advisory Board leading the roll-out of the CAP which will comprise senior representatives from the police, trading standards, public health community and local government.

Among those joining the Board is Simon Antrobus, Chief Executive of Addaction, one of the UK’s largest specialist drug and alcohol treatment charities.

Drinks retailers and producers are to invest over £800,000 in Community Alcohol Partnerships as part of their commitment to the Government’s Public Health Responsibility Deal.

Health Secretary Andrew Lansley said:

"As well as being a major cause of anti-social behaviour, alcohol misuse costs the health service around £2.7 billion each year. The extension of this partnership is an excellent example of the Responsibility Deal, demonstrating a new effective way of tackling alcohol misuse.

"To meet the challenges facing the public's health head on, we need to work in partnership - across all parts of society - to create an environment that supports healthier communities.

"This deal will work alongside the Department's broader plans to take a bold new approach to public health. Public Health England will give local people new powers to improve our nation's health."

The funding agreement will see a significant increase in the number of schemes, backed by additional staff and the remit of the partnerships extended beyond underage purchase and possession of alcohol to cover wider issues of alcohol misuse.

There are currently 35 Community Alcohol Partnerships operating in 13 counties around the UK. The aim is to extend the reach of existing partnerships and significantly increase the overall number.

Baroness Newlove advises ministers in the Department for Communities and Local Government and is the Government Champion for Safe and Active Communities.

She said: “I am very pleased to lead the roll out of Community Alcohol Partnerships as they are a tried and tested way of driving down underage drinking and associated antisocial behaviour.

“I advocate local solutions to local problems, and this partnership working based on the road map of successful CAPs will allow us to get a grip on this costly issue not just in terms of money but quality of life for people. I also welcome the industry’s injection of resources to fund among other things effective school education.”

Addaction Chief Executive Simon Antrobus said: "Addaction has contributed locally to the development and implementation of Community Alcohol Partnerships. As a result, I am delighted to be part of this initiative.

“Every day in Addaction we see the distressing impact underage drinking can have on young people. It is therefore vital that steps are taken locally to help and support young people to make positive choices in their lives and clearly this is best achieved in collaboration with all the local agencies and working directly with young people.”

WSTA Chief Executive Jeremy Beadles said: “It’s great to have Baroness Newlove on board with her experience and insight to lead the next stage of Community Alcohol Partnerships.

“This represents a significant investment by retailers and producers in the proven partnership approach to tackling purchase and possession of alcohol by under 18’s.

“It demonstrates the industry’s commitment to meet the objectives of the Government’s Public Health Responsibility Deal by playing its part in addressing the issues associated with alcohol misuse.”

Jon Stoddart, Chief Constable of Durham Police and Lead for Alcohol Licensing and Harm Reduction for the Association of Chief Police Officers, said: “Durham Constabulary is excited to be involved with the Community Alcohol Partnership. Addressing the issue of alcohol consumption by young people can only be tackled in the long-term with the engagement of the retail trade.

“The CAP framework provides an excellent opportunity for our community, retailers, educators, enforcers and social support networks to engage in meaningful dialogue followed by even more meaningful action to tackle the issue”.

Nick Grant, Chair of the Retail of Alcohol Standards Group and Head of Legal Services at Sainsbury's, said:

"Baroness Newlove's appointment to lead the next stage of CAP is a great development as she will bring new ideas and an exciting dynamic to the group. We take corporate responsibility very seriously at Sainsbury's and want to do all we can to make a positive difference to the communities we serve. By working collaboratively with local community partners - including other retailers, police and trading standards - we can make as much impact as possible."




Baroness Newlove will host a photocall outside the QE2 Conference Centre, Victoria Street, London SW1 at 10.30am on Friday, 8 July to mark her appointment to lead the Community Alcohol Partnerships initiative to tackle underage drinking.

Baroness Newlove will be available for interview aboard the Urban Blue Bus, a double-decker staffed by volunteers in Kent to provide night time support on alcohol and drug-related issues and help relieve pressure on local ambulance and A & E services.


Notes to editors

Baroness Newlove is a community campaigner based in the North West. She was made a peer in July 2010 to be the victims’ voice in Parliament and to encourage people to work together to create better, safer and friendlier neighbourhoods. Since the death of her husband Garry in 2007, she has worked to make communities safer.

Community Alcohol Partnerships:

Community Alcohol Partnerships were launched in 2007 by the Retail of Alcohol Standards Group (RASG), which comprises members of the Wine and Spirit Trade Association (WSTA), British Retail Consortium (BRC) and the Association of Convenience Stores (ACS). They have been endorsed by the Home Office for several years. Henceforward CAPs will operate under the auspices of a new limited company Community Alcohol Partnerships Limited, which is a subsidiary of the WSTA. The WSTA will continue to provide all back office and management services for CAPs. The additional funding for CAP is coming from retailers and drinks producers. The cash will support staff, training and materials as part of the plan to expand the number of CAPs to over 100.

A full list of supporters include:

Members of the Retail of Alcohol Standards Group
Association of Convenience Stores
Aldi Stores Ltd
Asda Stores Ltd
Bargain Booze Limited
Booker Premier British
Retail Consortium
BP Co-operative Group Ltd
Marks & Spencer plc
Mills Group
Wm Morrison Supermarkets plc
One Stop Stores Limited
Sainsbury's Supermarkets Ltd
Snax 24
Tesco Stores Ltd
Waitrose Ltd
Supporting Partners:
Brown Forman
Molson Coors
Beverage Brands

The WSTA is the UK organisation for the wine and spirit industry representing over 340 companies producing, importing, transporting and selling wines and spirits. We campaign to promote the industry’s interests with governments at home and abroad. We work with our members to promote the responsible production, marketing and sale of alcohol.
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CAP has an extraordinary track record in reducing alcohol consumption and related crimes among under-18’s. At the heart of this success is the importance each CAP places on engaging young people themselves as key drivers of change within their own communities.

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