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A new partnership highlighting the risks of underage drinking was launched in Plymouth on Monday 18 September 2023. The launch took place at the YMCA in Plymouth and was attended by key partners including Devon and Cornwall Police, Plymouth Argyle Community Trust, Plymouth Community Homes, Plymouth City Council and a range of other schools, charities and community groups. 


Community Alcohol Partnerships (CAPs) are made up of partnerships between local authorities, police, schools, retailers, neighbourhood groups and health providers, working together to highlight the risks of underage drinking and improve the health and wellbeing of local children and young people.


This is the first CAP to launch in Devon and Cornwall since 2015


The Plymouth CAP will work with youth services and local organisations to provide alcohol-free activities for young people. It will also work with local schools to educate young people about underage drinking and ensure that they are equipped to make the right decisions about issues such as alcohol and drugs and anti-social and criminal behaviour.


Working with local retailers, CAP aims to help them avoid making underage sales and reduce ‘proxy’ sales where adults buy alcohol for under-18s.


Partners in the Plymouth CAP include


Plymouth Argyle

Trading Standards



Discovery College

SHARP Young People Drug and Alcohol Service

Plymouth City Council 

Devon & Cornwall Police

Plymouth Community Homes

All Saints Academy 

The Zone


Councillor Jemima Laing, Deputy Leader of Plymouth City Council, said: “It’s brilliant to see this new partnership launching in Plymouth, which will help to educate local young people about the risks of underage drinking and improve their health and wellbeing. This supports one of our key priorities as a Council which is to keep children and communities safe. Our Community Youth Team will be working closely with the partners to take a joint approach to reducing alcohol-related harm across the city and we look forward to seeing the benefits of this new CAP scheme.”


Derek Lewis, Chair of CAP comments: "I am always pleased to see the launch of new partnerships. We know from research that underage drinking can lead to many social and educational problems for children and young people. We also know from our evaluations that CAPs are having a significant impact on reducing alcohol consumption amongst 13- and 16-year-olds in the areas in which they operate.”


“Local CAP schemes are established and run by people from a variety of organisations within their communities, including retailers, local authorities, police forces and schools to identify and tackle the problems associated with underage drinking. All CAPs are tailored to the needs of their local community which means that they are highly effective in getting to the root cause of the problem."




About Community Alcohol Partnerships:


There are currently over 250 CAPs in the UK. They bring together local stakeholders with a shared interest in preventing underage drinking and encouraging responsible drinking among young adults. CAP partnerships are made up of retailers, local authorities, police, schools, neighbourhood groups and health providers, working together to protect young people from alcohol harm.


CAP’s annual report shows how this innovative partnership approach has led to significant reductions to children’s and young people’s drinking, anti-social behaviour and underage sales in areas where it has created local partnerships.


Nationally, CAP evaluations show:

  • 64% reduction in weekly drinking for 13-16 year olds
  • After CAP training, 98% of retailers passed a Challenge 25 compliance test – from an average baseline of 52%
  • 42% reduction in anti-social behaviour
  • 40% reduction in residents reporting children and young people drinking in public places to be a very big or fairly big problem


You can download the annual report here: https://www.communityalcoholpartnerships.co.uk/images/CAP_Annual_Review_2022-23_-_digitalFINAL.pdf


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Alcohol and underage drinking is the underlying cause of a range of problems so by tackling this issue through early intervention and by taking prompt, positive action whenever problems start to emerge we can make a real difference in communities, whilst at the same time helping to stop young people being drawn further into offending and into the Criminal Justice System. I am delighted to offer my support to the Community Alcohol Partnership projects in South Wales.

Alun Michael
Police and Crime Commissioner for South Wales and former Secretary of State for Wales

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