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At the Welsh Assembly meeting on October 17, Janet Finch-Saunders AM said:


Last week I was delighted to sponsor an event celebrating the success of Community Alcohol Partnerships (CAP). CAP is a CIC and aims to tackle underage drinking by providing education programmes, engaging with local communities and working with business to ensure that current alcohol legislation is adhered to and strengthened. Launched in 2007 it has since developed 162 schemes including five projects across Wales. We have all seen the negative effects of alcohol misuse in our local areas. The normalisation of underage drinking has a profound impact on the long-term health and wellbeing of children and young people. That is why I am hugely encouraged by the success CAP has had in helping to reduce underage drinking.

In its 2018 annual report it notes that its projects have achieved a 60% reduction in weekly drinking among years 9-11 and a 40% reduction in youth alcohol-related anti-social behaviour.

This is a fantastic achievement that will bring a positive impact to the many young people and local communities across Wales. Such a positive impact is testament to the hard work and dedication of CAP members, some of whom I was fortunate to meet last week

I am pleased that the Welsh Government has provided funding to some of the Wales based projects. Given the proven success of CAPs across the country it is my hope that the Welsh Government continues to work closely with CAP to build upon recent legislation including the Public Health Minimum Price for Alcohol Bill to reduce rates of underage drinking within our local communities.

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Our local CAP has seen significant results: there’s been a 17% reduction in alcohol related anti-social behaviour in just two years. But it’s about more than statistics. One aspect of the CAP has had much higher aims – to change the way young people talk about and view alcohol. That’s a significant challenge given that many of our young people use alcohol as a way of creating a social identity for themselves.

Tommy Sheppard
MP for East Edinburgh

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