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A Community Alcohol Partnership (CAP) will be launched in Longtown to tackle underage drinking and antisocial behaviour.

The Constabulary have received a number of complaints from local residents concerning underage drinking and associated antisocial behaviour. In this new partnership approach the Constabulary will aim to bring together the skills of agencies and community groups to tackle this issue.

CAPs are made up of partnerships between local authorities, police, schools, retailers, neighbourhood groups, fire and rescue services, health providers and charities, working together to empower communities to tackle alcohol-related harm to young people and improve the quality of life for residents.

They aim to reduce the sale of alcohol to young people, advise them on the dangers of drinking and provide alcohol-free activities through youth services and local charities.

Across the country, more than 160 CAPs have had positive impacts on reducing local crime, anti-social behaviour, litter, feelings of safety and reductions in underage purchasing of alcohol.

The Longtown CAP be holding a public event at Longtown Community Centre between 5pm and 7pm on Wednesday 19th September. The event will have a number of guest speakers to highlight the benefits of youth engagement and what the Longtown CAP hopes to achieve. The speakers are:

§  Cumbria Police & Crime Commissioner Peter McCall

§  Val Tarbitt, Cumbria County Councillor for Longtown

§  CAP Chair Derek Lewis

Sergeant Scott Adams, Cumbria Constabulary, said: “There is growing concern about the levels of underage drinking in Longtown among local residents, councillors and retailers, so I am delighted to announce the introduction of the Longtown CAP to tackle alcohol-related harm in the area.”

Police and Crime Commissioner, Peter McCall said: “We all know how damaging it can be when people use alcohol irresponsibly and the serious danger of young people becoming addicted, it is a significant concern. Abuse of alcohol can lead to awful health problems, particularly in young people, and of course contributes to Anti-Social Behaviour and crime.”

“I am determined that we must do all we can to help our young people to be responsible members of our community, which is why I am delighted to be working with our partners who are equally committed to this CAP . Working together we can collectively keep our young people and communities safe.”

CAP Chair Derek Lewis said: “I am delighted to see the launch of a CAP in Longtown.  Community Alcohol Partnerships are a tried and tested way of driving down underage drinking and creating better, safer and friendlier neighbourhoods. They offer a great opportunity to make a real and lasting difference to our nation’s relationship with alcohol, starting with the current generation of young people.”

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CAP has an extraordinary track record in reducing alcohol consumption and related crimes among under-18’s. At the heart of this success is the importance each CAP places on engaging young people themselves as key drivers of change within their own communities.

Jack Andrews
UCL Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience

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