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03 September 2018


Tower Hamlets Council has teamed up with Tesco and the Community Alcohol Partnership to give “responsible retail” training to all off-licenses and independent retailers in the borough in a bid to tackle alcohol fuelled anti-social behaviour.


The national training, usually reserved for chain retailers, supports the council’s work to create a responsible drinking borough and upholds the Mayor’s commitment to reduce anti-social behaviour. It will ensure retailers:


·         refuse to sell age restricted items to under 18s

·         check identification of those who look under 25 and refuse to sell if it cannot be provided/they are underage

·         refuse to sell alcohol to people who are already drunk


John Biggs, Mayor of Tower Hamlets said:

“We want to give local businesses the tools they need to be responsible retailers. We all have a part to play in tackling alcohol fuelled anti-social behaviour and making Tower Hamlets a great place to live and visit.” 


Alec Brown, Head of Community at Tesco, said: “We are always looking for ways to support the local communities we serve, so we are really pleased to be working with Tower Hamlets and CAP to offer this training to independent retailers so together we can support the council’s work to create a responsible drinking borough.”


Kate Winstanley, Director of Community Alcohol Partnerships (CAP), said: "CAP has found that a real partnership approach, with retailers working alongside trading standards, police, schools and community groups, is far more effective in tackling underage drinking than traditional enforcement methods alone. So we are delighted to support this initiative in Tower Hamlets."


The training will be delivered by Tesco volunteers throughout October 2018, in November as retailers prepare for Christmas and in the new year (2019) when businesses decide to take new steps towards being a responsible retailer. Hundreds of staff in local businesses could benefit from the offer.


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For more information, contact or call 020 7364 6958.

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CAP acts as a great catalyst to broaden community safety partnership working. The involvement of retailers and others to take personal responsibility for their communities can introduce different thinking and innovation to effectively resolve local issues that impact adversely on people’s lives.

Chief Inspector David Pennings
Northamptonshire Police