Welcome to Community Alcohol Partnerships

A Community Alcohol Partnership (CAP) was launched in Selston today (Friday April 27) to tackle underage drinking and anti-social behaviour in the area. The CAP will cover Selston, Jacksdale and Underwood.


CAPs are made up of partnerships between local authorities, police, schools, retailers, neighbourhood groups and health providers, working together to empower communities to combat alcohol-related harm to young people and improve the quality of life for residents.


They aim to reduce the sale of alcohol to young people, advise them on the dangers of drinking, reduce related anti-social behaviour and provide alcohol-free activities through youth services and local charities.


The Selston Parish CAP will be co-ordinated by Nottinghamshire Police and bring together a wide range of stakeholders, including Ashfield District Council, Selston Parish Council, Selston High School, alcohol retailers, schools and the community.


Neighbourhood Sergeant Carl Holland said: “There has been growing concern about the levels of underage drinking in Selston among local residents, so I am delighted to announce the introduction of the CAP to tackle alcohol-related harm in the area. CAPs are a tried and tested way of driving down underage drinking and creating better, safer and friendlier neighbourhoods.”


There are now 150 CAPs across the UK which have enjoyed considerable success preventing underage drinking with a mix of education, enforcement, community engagement and the provision of diversionary activities for young people.


CAP Chairman Derek Lewis said: “A significant proportion of children have not only drunk alcohol before the age of 18  but are likely to have been drunk at least once in the last four weeks. This can be seriously damaging to their health and development and impact negatively on the wider community. CAPs offer a great opportunity to make a real and lasting difference to our nation’s relationship with alcohol, starting with the current generation of young people.”

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As Chief Executive of the Chartered Trading Standards Institute it is great to see the growth of Community Alcohol Partnerships. They are an amazing way to bring businesses, regulators and communities together to deliver lasting solutions to the issues that underage drinking has on communities and young people. One of my proudest achievements in trading standards was the establishment of the first ever Community Alcohol Partnership and I know colleagues up and down the country are equally proud of the benefits that their local schemes are bringing.

Leon Livermore
Chief Executive
Chartered Institute of Trading Standards (2015)