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AP activity will always be locally determined but will generally encourage and include a focus on education, enforcement, public perception, communication, postive activities and evaluation. 

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Education is key to raising awareness about the impact of underage alcohol consumption on health and society and the laws relating to young people and alcohol. 


An essential part of CAP is the enforcement of the laws relating to young people and alcohol including purchase of alcohol by under 18s, sales to under 18s, drinking by under 18s in public places and proxy or agent purchase.

Public perception

It is important that where schemes are successful in reducing crime and anti-social behaviour in a designated area, local people feel safer as a result. Surveys of local people carried out prior to and after the pilot phase are a good way to gauge any changes in public opinion.


CAP has developed lots of publicity materials, including banners, posters and leaflets, which can be adapted to suit the needs of local schemes.

Positive activities

CAPs offer a range of alcohol-free activities for young people to enhance their confidence, health and wellbeing.


All CAPs carry out a baseline evaluation and a further evaluation at the end of the project. These demonstrate the significant positive difference they are making to their local communities.

Working with 18-25 year olds

We encourage CAPs to include an objective to promote moderate/safe drinking for their young adult (18-25) demographic in addition to their objectives linked to reducing underage drinking and our Cardiff and Reading CAPs have developed action plans with a strong focus on reducing the harm from excessive drinking in their student populations.


If you would like to find out more about CAP's work to reduce alcohol related harm and vulnerability to young adults please contact your CAP Adviser. You can also register for our free best practice webinar taking place on 23 March 2022: CAP: The 18 - 25 Approach Tickets, Wed 23 Mar 2022 at 10:00 | Eventbrite

CAP acts as a great catalyst to broaden community safety partnership working. The involvement of retailers and others to take personal responsibility for their communities can introduce different thinking and innovation to effectively resolve local issues that impact adversely on people’s lives.

Chief Inspector David Pennings
Northamptonshire Police

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