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CAP annual report 2020 snip

Take a look at our new annual report, which shows how despite the pandemic, communities around the country have come together to tackle underage drinking and promote the health and wellbeing of young people.

what is cap?

Community Alcohol Partnerships (CAP) is a Community Interest Company (CiC) whose aim is to reduce alcohol harm in local communities from drinking by young people under 25 with a particular emphasis on preventing underage drinking. A combination of education, enforcement of Challenge 25, engagement of the community and local businesses and provision of appropriate diversionary activity for young people is the hallmark of the CAP model. All our projects are run as locally managed multi agency partnership programmes with a clear role for alcohol retailers and licensees.

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Our annual CAP Awards recognise exceptional achievements in tackling underage drinking during 2020 and demonstrate the vital work that local partnerships are doing to tackle alcohol harm and improve our communities in these most challenging of times. Read about our award winners here

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How can i get involved?

If there is a CAP scheme in your area, we can put you in touch with the local project co-ordinator, who will explain how to get involved. If there is no CAP in your area but you would like to talk about setting up a CAP, the CAP team will be able to give help and advice.

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